David Chipperfield architects

Jodidio, Philip

David Chipperfield architects - Köln Taschen 2015 - 96 pages : color illustrations, map ; 27 cm - Basic Architecture Series .

Born in 1953, David Chipperfield worked for both Norman Foster and Richard Rogers before establishing a reputation for himself in Japan in the early 80s, and setting up David Chipperfield Architects in 1984. The practice, which now operates out of London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai has gone on to win over 50 national and international competitions. Suspicious of starchitecture, Chipperfield adheres instead to a meticulously crafted minimalism in which volumes and light come together in masterful harmony. Less concerned with an immediately recognizable, individual style, he rather aspires to an architecture founded on collaboration, ideas, and excellence. His buildings are intended as physically immediate spaces in which a sort of ordinariness becomes special, and the individual structure co-exists with broader concepts of city building.

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Architect - David Chipperfield
Architecture, British - History - 20th century
David Chipperfield Architects
English architect - David Chipperfield

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