Urban furniture

Chen, Ting

Urban furniture - Hong Kong, China, Artpower 2014 - 223 pages : il. color ; 30 cm

Urban Furniture is a wonderful collection of the functional and the fun, the eclectic and the eccentric within public spaces, reflecting the individual and the collective, from architecture, to sculpture and beyond. Focusing on seemingly mundane community facilities, such as fountains, playgrounds, street signs, bicycle racks, contemporary urban furniture has a function beyond the utilitarian. Often its role is key to informing social and cultural identity, in transforming cities and people. By 2026, eighty-four percent of the world's population will live in cities, increasing the significance of urban furniture. This innovative collection presents some of the most contemporary aspects of city life, whether they are merely aesthetically pleasing art works, formal, functional, or playful it opens up an important dialogue around shared space and what that means at every level


City planning
Streets - Accessories
Public spaces
Urban furniture
Outdoor furniture

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