Modern cabinet work : a Comprehensive Treatise on Making Fine Furniture From the Golden Age of Craftsmanship

Wells, Percy A. Hooper, John

Modern cabinet work : a Comprehensive Treatise on Making Fine Furniture From the Golden Age of Craftsmanship Percy A. Wells & John Hooper. - 3rd ed. rev. - Lancaster, Pa. : Fox Chapel Pub., 2006. - xi, 381 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Includes index.

Origin of Cabinetmaking---The Cabinetmaker, Old and New---Modern Developments
1 (4)
Tools, Appliances, Materials
5 (17)
Hand Tools
Their Construction
Cutting Actions
Care of
A Cabinetmaker's Kit
Tool Chest
Drawing, Geometry, Design: Technical Terms
22 (14)
Instruments and their Uses
Practical Geometry
Setting out Polygons
Ellipses, &c.
Cabinet Drawing and Perspective
Technical Terms
Joints and Their Application
36 (18)
All Types of Joints
Mitre, Key, Dovetailing, Dowel, Tenon, Shutting and Hingeing Joints
Diagrams to Illustrate their Use in Various Jobs
Curved and Straight Work
Workshop Practice
54 (34)
Practical Instruction in Bench Methods
Sharpening and Setting Tools
Setting out and Preparing Stuff
Working Mouldings
Cutting Tenons
All Kinds of Dovetailing
Making Doors, Drawers, Plinths, Cornices
Building up Curved Work
Ploughing, Grooving, Tongueing, and Finishing
Framed-Up Work, Tables, &c.
88 (52)
How to Set out and Make Flap, Writing, Card, Toilet, Tea, and all Kinds of Fancy Tables
Extending Tables
Tray Frame
Draw and Other Dining Tables
Carcase Work
140 (44)
The Making of a Carcase
Chests of Drawers
Corner, Curved, and Shaped Fronts and Ends
Solid and Veneered Work, &c.
Bedsteads and Miscellaneous Furniture
184 (26)
The Construction of Clock Cases
Revolving Bookcases
Dumb Waiters
Hanging Cabinets, Hall Furniture, &c.
Veneers and Veneering, Marquetry and Inlaying
210 (15)
Saw Cut and Knife Cut
Preparation of Stuff
Methods of Laying and Finishing
Stringing, Banding, and Building up Patterns
Inlaying in Pearl, Ivory, and Tortoise-Shell
Buhl Work and French Marquetry
Repairs of Old Work, &c.
Foremen's Work, Practical Setting Out and Applied Geometry
225 (25)
Setting out for Hand or Machine Work
Workshop and Office Methods in Costing-up Materials and Preparing Estimates, Cutting Lists, &c.
Developing Shapes in Curved Work
Raking and Curved Mouldings
Setting out Gothic Tracery
Taking Templates and General Foreman's Work, &c.
Notes on the Historic Styles of Furniture, with Examples of Modern Work
250 (10)
A Brief Account of Gothic, French, Renaissance, Elizabethan, and Jacobean Styles
Chippendale, Sheraton, and other Eighteenth Century Makers
Examples of Furniture by Modern Designers
Constructional and Decorative Brasswork, Movements and Fittings
260 (11)
Types of Hinges
Glass Movements
Methods of Setting out Hinges, Stays, and Cylinder Fall Movements, &c.
Machine Tools and Machining---Mouldings
271 (5)
Types of Machines
Circular, Band, and Frame Saws
Mouldings, Examples of Greek, Roman, and Later Periods
Lathes and Lathe Work
Panelling and Fitments
276 (20)
Taking of Templates
Preparation of Walls
Methods of Fixing Panelling, Dados, Fireplaces, Bedroom, and other Fitments
Ceiling Work, &c.
Special Furniture for Shops, Offices, and Museums
296 (16)
Shop Fittings
Counter and Bank Work
Air-Tight Show Case Making
Office Cabinets
Museum Furniture
Reading Desks
Print Cases
Paper Stands, &c.
Chair Making
312 (14)
Chairs and Couches
Loose-Seat and Stuff-Over Frames
Methods of Construction
Proportions and Sizes
Styles, with a Chronological Chart
English, Foreign, and Colonial Woods
326 (29)
Growth and Structure of Trees
Hard and Soft Wood
Ports of Shipment
Sizes of Logs
Methods of Conversion
Seasoning, Shrinkage, and Warpage
Special Uses
Description of over 200 Timbers
Special Section on Colonial Furniture Woods
Glossary of Technical and Workshop Terms, Names, and References 355 (17)
Index 372

Contains more than 2,000 line drawings and hundreds of photographs that explain useful hand and machine techniques and furniture design details suitable for the small-shop woodworker. This work includes chapters on drawing and layout skills, and presents the developments in traditional theories and techniques.


Furniture making.

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