Architects' detail sheets: Third series of 96 selected sheets

Mills, Edward D.

Architects' detail sheets: Third series of 96 selected sheets - London Iliffe and Sons Limited 1956 - 220 p. : il. ; 32 cm - 96 Selected Sheets .

A first selection of the detail sheets that have appeared as a regular feature of The Architects & Building News for the past eight years was published in volume form in 1952.  The present volume contains a further selection of 96 scale drawings and over 100 photographs, including, for the first time, some in full colour. Following previous practice all the detail are of current building, and examples have been drawn from the work of contemporary architect in various parts of the world, with the object of showing how present day architects combine good construction and appearance in buildings and structures of various kinds. But whereas in the earlier series the chief emphasis was on decorative details and exhibition work, in the present one it is on constructional applications of practical value, particularly in regard to walling, windows and entrance. A special feature of the present work is a lively and pointed article specially contributed by the world-renowned American architect Richard Neutra, which emphasises the importance of good architectural detailing, a matter which the editor, Edward D. Mills, has considerably stressed on many occasions. As in the earlier volumes, the examples have been arranged In appropriate groupings for ease of comparisons and reference, and a comprehensive English-French-German-Spanish glossary of technical terms has been included for the benefit of foreign readers.


Architecture - Details
Architecture - Structural design - Japan - Case studies
Architecture, Modern - 20th century
Building construction - Details

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