Art experience

Hiriyanna, Mysore

Art experience - New Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts : Manohar, 1997 - xiii, 113 pages ; 23 cm

1. Indian Aesthetics-1
2. What to expect of poetry?
3. Art contemplation
4. Art experience-1
5. Art experience-2
6. Indian Aesthetics-2
Introductory-Nature and Art-Art Experience-The Content of Art-The Method of Art-Art and Morality
7. Art and Morality
8. The number of Rasas
9. The problem of the Rasavadalamkara
10. Rasa and Dhvani
11. The philosophy of Aesthetics pleasure
12. Some concepts of Alamkara Literature
13. Sanskrit Poetics
14. Process and purpose in art
15. Experiences: first and final
Hiriyanna: an appreciation by D. V. Gundappa

This carries 15 contributions on topics of Indian aesthetics. After a penetrating analysis of the fundamental concepts envisaged from a traditional point of view, Prof. Hiriyanna interprets them succinctly. He elucidates the theory of Rasa from the point of Sankhya in a masterly fashion; equally illuminating are the other essays on Rasa and Dhvani, and Sanskrit poetics.


Art and morals
Aesthetics, Indic