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The Library at Anant National University has been redesigned and renamed into our Learning Commons. It is intended to be the academic resource centre of our university, and is invaluable to our objective of enhancing study, research, teaching and workspace practices at AnantU. The aim of the Learning Commons is to provide an ultra-modern environment that encourages both, the creation and the dissemination of knowledge in all of our academic programs.
The Learning Commons have been outfitted with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and are backed by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
The Library is spread over an area of 420 square metres and includes an ultra-modern reading space that can seat a total of 100 students, a cyber space with the best computer technology available and most importantly, an integrated information desk with the ability to cater to any need of our readers.
We also try to engage our students by holding a great variety of events, such as book launches, book discussion sessions, motivational lectures, documentary screenings, seminars and so on.
We at AnantU believe that it is our purpose to provide our students, our faculty, our staff and researchers with easy access to world class information. To this end, library staff are always available and more than happy to help our readers find resources, provide tips on searching, advice on references and more. Additionally, we frequently conduct user education programs for our students and faculty members to spread awareness about online resources and plagiarism check software.
We try to ensure that our library services at the Learning Commons not only meet, but exceed the quality standards.

Collection (books & Other Resources)

Our Learning Commons feature a book section with over 4500 books that is divided into 5 primary sections. These are books on art, design and architecture, books for general reading, students’ project reports, theses, dissertation and also reference materials. We have a large collection of books on wide variety of subjects that reflect our commitment to providing design education from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. Currently, we are subscribed to 46 Indian and international academic journals. We have a special Archival collection that consists of research projects and bound volumes of old and rare periodicals.

Collection No. of copies
Books 3922
Books - Atlases 11
Books - Case study 26
Books - Competitions 3
Books - Conferences 30
Books - Dictionary 15
Books - Encyclopedia 15
Books - Exhibition 6
Books - Fiction (English) 9
Books - Furniture catalogue 2
Books - Handbook / Manual 45
Books - Hindi 6
Books - Map 48
Books - Product Catalogue 18
Books - Rare 58
Books - Refrence 218
Book - Standard 35
Book - Thesis (Not of AnantU) 19
Disks (CDs / DVDs etc.) 11
Jouranls / Magazines (Current Subscription) 47
Student's Project Report 34
Thesis (Architecture) 238
Thesis (Design) 21

Print journals / magazine

Learning Commons has subscription of scholarly journals and magazines which helps one to connect with new innovation, curriculum, and the world. This collection has deeply embedded in the Learning Commons that we do preserve the journals for longer period of time.

Title Subject
a+u Architecture and Urbanism Magazine Architecture
Architect and Interior India Architecture
Architectural Digest Architecture
Architectural Record Architecture
Architectural Review Architecture
Architecture + Design Architecture
Better photography Design
Brand magazine Design
Communication Arts Design
Design Detail: The architecture magazine Design
Design Studies Design
Domus Italy Architecture
EPW - Economic and Political Weekly General
Eye International Design
Frame Design
HBR- Harvard Business Review General
Indian Architecture and Builder Architecture
Innovation (IDSA) Design
Inside OutSide Design
Institute of Town Planners India Architecture
Interior Design Design
JEI-Series A Architecture
Journal of Cement & Concrete Research Architecture
Journal of landscape Architecture Architecture
Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects (JIIA) Architecture
Marg Architecture
Modern Green Structures & Architecture Architecture
National geographic General
New Design Design
Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal Architecture
Pool magazine General
RIBA Journal Architecture
Seminar General
Stanford Social Innovation Review General
Surface Design Journal Design
Surface Reporter Architecture
TOPOS Architecture
Urban India (NIUA Journal) General
Wallpaper UK Design
Windows and Facades Design
WIRED General
World of Interiors Design


Our online resources & archives include video lectures, photographic record of students’ work with their projects, press clipping, current content, e-newspapers, e-books, e-journals and subscription to the databases such as JSTOR, EBSCO, and K-HUB to ensure that the resources are accessible anytime from anywhere.
(Please contact Library for the User Credential to Access Full Text)

Subsribed E-Resources Type
Art & Architecture Complete which includes fine arts, decorative & commercial arts, architecture and architecture design full text journals since 1929.
Database, Books, Journals
All journals include the full archival run. This means all issues, from volume 1, issue 1, are provided for every journal up to the moving wall, including all previous and related titles on various subjects such as Art, Area studies, Sustainability, Business & Economics, History, Humanities, Law, Medicine & allied Health, Science & Mathematics, Social science.
Database, Books, Journals
An extensive compilation of e-resources such as e-Books, Journals, Magazines, Videos, Case reports, Conference proceedings, Newsletters etc. accessible through a unified platform.
Database, E-books, Journals
(Access is from Vol.1 2009 to Vol. 12 2020) It reflects the state of scholarship in the field of design and nurtures new or overlooked lines of inquiry that redefine our understanding of design.
(Access is from Vol.1 2013 to Vol. 8 2020) Publishes theoretical and practical research to inform an interdisciplinary approach within design methods, theories and processes.
The journal publishes quality articles on accounts of action research projects, explorations in the philosophy and methodology of action research, and considerations of the nature of quality in action research practice.
Focused on politics of environment and development, published in New Delhi, India. The Centre for Science and Environment assists in the production of the magazine.
An architectural magazine includes it’s archive collection from 2013 till 2020.
It is bound to examine design history, theory, and criticism and provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design.
The collection is catering to the requirements of the building and construction industry in India and South Asia.
Subjects covered are - Science & technology, engineering, social science, environment.
(Now renamed as Design India) (Access to all issues up to issue no. 117) The essential guide to contemporary, India design, art and innovation, fashion art, industrial design, film and furniture.
Attempts a departure from the usual journal. Problems, national and international, are posed and discussed. Each issue deals with a single problem. Those who hold different and at times opposing viewpoints express their thoughts.
A platform to publish, present and market ideas, innovations and technologies in the façade & fenestration sector.
The electronics fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge. It also keeps hobbyists busy with the circuit ideas and construction projects it carries month after month. And it helps end users decide on which electronic product to buy when they enter a shopping mall.
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Research Support Tools / Database

Digital Repository - Digital Institutional Repository is an official repository, which serves as a memory of the Anant National University recording the origin, history, development and activities of the Institute's various events, research, academic, administrative and other units since its inception. It provides a wide opportunity to the researcher to access a variety of resources such as newspaper clippings, articles, books, chapters, video lectures, case studies, reports, dissertation and theses.

Ouriginal - Ouriginal is an award-winning software that helps detect and prevent plagiarism regardless of language. Trusted by hundreds of educational institutions and corporates across the globe, Ouriginal brings together the combined expertise of Urkund and PlagScan, spanning over three decades. It is simple, reliable and easy to use, combining text-matching with writing-style analysis to promote academic integrity and prevent plagiarism.
QUILLBOT - QuillBot's paraphrasing tool helps rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using AI.
Grammar Checker: Simplify Your Writing Workflow, Correct Grammar, Spell Check, Check Punctuation, Correct A Multitude of Grammatical Errors.
Paraphraser: QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool helps rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art technology.
Summarizer: QuillBot’s summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents down to the key points instantly in two ways: key sentences and Paragraph mode.
Citation Generator: Easily create full and in-text citations in a snap.
Co-writer: The Co-Writer is an all-in-one writing space that combines online research capabilities, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete to give users a seamless writing and research experience.
Integrations: QuillBot integrates directly into Google Docs, Chrome Extension, and Microsoft Word.
User Guide: consists of short and crisp tutorials on QuillBot’s features, security, demo videos, and tool usage.
User Guide

Faculty publication
  1. Development of a Vibration Based-Heating Neckband for Cervical Spondylosis | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Apr. 2022)
  2. AnantU team develops radar-based land and farm monitoring system | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Feb. 2022)
  3. Design of Smart Oral Healthcare Device | Arjun A | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Dec 2021)
  4. Air India The Return Journey | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Dec 2021)
  5. Gender Representation in ESG Communication of Indian Companies: Observations and Insights (Book Chapter) | Dr. Diti Vyas (Nov. 2021)
  6. Marine Health - A Smart Device to Monitor Aquarium | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace (Nov. 2021)
  7. Design and Development of smart and Sustainable Pet Feeder | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Nov. 2021)
  8. Design and Development Of Temperature Controlling Milk Sipper Bottle | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Nov. 2021)
  9. IoT Based Solar Panel Monitor by Makerspace, Anant National University | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Nov. 2021)
  10. Innovation lab at AnantU: Makerspace | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Oct. 2021)
  11. We want our tech-enabled innovations to help individuals and industries | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Nov. 2021)
  12. Covid-19 Smart Innovation | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (June. 2021)
  13. Anant National University's Makerspace team launches IoT based E-OxymeterParth A. Shah, Makerspace 
  14. IoT Based Green House For Climate Control | Parth A. Shah, Makerspace | (Feb. 2021)
  15. Development of Device for Dentist Implant Orientation | Milind Chitale| Parth A. Shah | Makerspace | (Feb. 2021)
  16. The architecture of online classroom | Dr. Abhishek Kumar – EPW | (April, 2021)
  17. Short Story-Tagore, Shaw and Foucault – An Imaginary Conversation | Dr. Abhishek Kumar – KITAAB | (March 2021)
  18. Automatic Temperature Detection Using Touchless Door bell | Milind Chitale | Parth A. Shah | Nikita B. Shah | Suchit Thakkar | Makerspace (Oct. 2020)
  19. Smart Jacket for Social Distancing | Milind Chitale | Parth A. Shah | Nikita B. Shah | Nakul Sharma | Makerspace (Sep. - Oct. 2020)
  20. Liquid Objects Solid Meanings | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Jul. 2020)
  21. Humanistic Leadership in the Tata Group | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Jul. 2020)
  22. Letter to a Young Designer | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (June 2020)
  23. Visor for Extra Protection | Milind Chitale, Makerspace | (April, 2020)
  24. Profound madness of a photograph | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Feb. 2020)
  25. Heritage as Representaion Space: Lefbvre Revisited | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Dec. 2019)
  26. Designer's Philosopher | Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Training & Development | (Nov. 2019)

  • Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, only 50 students are allowed to visit Learning Commons Premises until further notice from University Office.
  • Inter-Library Loan Service: To borrow documents from other institutions’’ library on loan which are not available in our collection. Contact Learning Commons to avail facility of institutional membership of CEPT University Library.
  • Reference and Information Service: We provide personal assistance to users who are seeking information catering to our collection, bibliography service, resource download, book search or any other query through email, telephonic or in person.
  • Cyber Space: Library is equipped with the 14 computing systems in its Cyber Lab which are connected to the campus network. Users can access these machines for their project work, assignments or browse e-resources.
  • Current Content & Newspaper Clipping Services: Content of latest issues of periodicals are being provided through Current content service & latest insights from the news on Architecture, Design & Education in General through Newspaper clipping service.
  • Plagiarism Check Service: We provide research assistance through Plagiarism check service. Faculty members and students can share their articles, project report, assignment or any other document with us, we run plagiarism check through URKUND and share final report with the requestor.
  • Reading Facilities: The General reading area is equipped with creative seating facility and plug points for laptops. Tables and chairs are arranged near each book shelves. Light reading space provides attractive and soft couches. Group-friendly seating are equipped with sitting capacity of 25 to 30 people.
  • Ask A Librarian: This service allows you to connect directly with the librarian for any queries. To ask queries related to our resources and services or any general questions, email the librarian on headlibrarian@anu.edu.in, call on 02717718284 or meet in person at the Learning Commons.
  • Rs.10/- per day per item for first 14 days and thereafter,
  • Rs. 20/- per day per item - for every one
Faculty / Staff Loan Period
6 Books 30 Days
2 Periodicals 14 Days
2 CDs/DVDs 14 Days
2 Other: (Project Report / Bound Volume) 14 Days
UG/PG Students Loan Period
5 Books 14 Days
2 Periodicals 14 Days
2 CDs/DVDs 14 Days
2 Other: (Project Report / Bound Volume) 14 Days


Division: Online Resources, Database, Information Service
Email: chintan.pandya@anu.edu.in

Division: Books, LMS, Institutional Repository, Archives
Email: bharat.naikele@anu.edu.in

Division: Periodicals & Circulation Desk
Email: bhoomi.ruparel@anu.edu.in

Division: Collection
Email: piyush.makwana@anu.edu.in 

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