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100 _aMostaedi, Arian
245 0 _aFactories & office buildings
260 _bCarles Broto & Josep M Minguet
300 _a237, [2] p. : color illustrations, plans ; 34 cm.
440 _aArchitectural design
520 _aWithin the internationalization of today's industry, companies have a growing need to create sustainable environments. The new industrial buildings are increasingly grouped in parks far from cities, which introduces a new component in the design of these buildings: the necessary integration into the landscape and respect for the environment. In this volume, novel works are collected that have solved these proposals very much without altering the surrounding landscape and dialoguing with the surroundings. Projects from UN Studio Van Berkel & Bos, RoTo Architects, Dominique Perrault, HENN Architekten, etc. are included.
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650 _aFactories
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